Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


Our BPO services provide a wide range of flexible solutions for private and public organizations

We are privileged to serve a broad client base from multiple countries and industries.  Blumot delivers outstanding BPO services for both large and small organizations, powered by our skilled and talented workforce.

Why Blumot?

Blumot's world-class BPO services deliver savings and competitive advantages to our clients, optimizing their business processes at both local and/or international levels.

Synergies created from our day-to-day interactions with clients makes our BPO services unique. All provided with remarkable customer service!

Our Clients

Satlock Blumot
Pivot Blumot
Bitcentral Blumot
Sorgent.e Blumot
O-tek Blumot
Gerfor Blumot