About Us

We are a privately-owned organization established in 2014, with offices in the United States and Colombia.

By putting people first, we look to provide the best possible work environment for our clients and collaborators.  At Blumot we know that a highly motivated team is what delivers great customer experiences every day.

Our Name

Blumot is the name we chose to represent the Blue-crowned Motmot, a beautiful Neotropical bird best known for its agility and long often racquet-tipped tails, frequently swung from side to side.

With our company’s name inspired in nature, we are committed to work in a way that all our processes generate a positive impact on the environment, and contribute to the preservation of our Planet.

Company Values

At Blumot we are proud of our superb customer service, always delivered with Integrity, Innovation, Productivity, and Adaptability:

Blumot Integrity
Blumot Innovation
Blumot Productivity
Blumot Adaptability